Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Week at Hedsor Jazz

Our guest this week is guitarist Jez Cook. Jez will be joining our regular quintet, adding an extra dimension to the familiar sounds of The Clive Burton Quintet which will enable the band to add some Django Reinhardt tunes into the mix. 

Mike Wills, our regular saxophonist and reed section, sometimes joins Jez to play this light and swinging music in and around Oxford, from whence they both come. Looking back to the music and atmosphere of the 1930's and 40's is very "in" at the moment. I'm sure there are deep psychological reasons for this, perhaps a yearning for an age destroyed by the outbreak of WW2, itself an age trying to obliterate the horrors of WW1. Whatever the deeper meanings might be, the tunes themselves are very catchy. 

We had a session with Jez joining the quartet last November. If you follow the link to my DropBox MP3 file, you can hear a Django tune they played then.

It may take a few minutes to download, but it's well worth the wait, and may will encourage you to come out to play (OK be played to) this Thursday March 27th. Usual admittance charge of £6 applies.

Having now returned from my little break in Dorset, I will get back to work and produce a poster in the next day or so to advertise some of our upcoming events, particularly the May 22nd concert by The Remix Jazz Orchestra. Profit from this event will be donated to Cancer Relief UK. Tickets will be £10 each, and a light buffet will be provided.

Don't let the lack of paper posters stop you. Do tell your friends. Live and very good jazz is played at The Hedsor Social Club EVERY THURSDAY. There is only 1 week in a year when it isn't, and that is between Christmas and New Year. 

So don't let it all come to an end. It has been a regular part of musical life for over 12 years. It's not unique, but pretty b....y special! 

Hedsor Jazz is held in The Hedsor Social Club, Hedsor Road, Bourne End,Bucks. SL8 5ES

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