Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Allergic reactions aside, I gather Hedsor Jazz and Simon Spillett went down very well last week. I was just sorry NOT to be part of it!

This week, the regular band perform, but with bass player John Monney in place of Ken.

John was the original bass player with Keith Vitty's Century Jazz and it will be great to see him again teamed up with Clive. John has also had a struggle recently with a leg problem and hasn't been able to visit us even as a guest, so it will be especially good to see him with us at Hedsor.

Because of my chemical reactions, I slept for about 3 days, so I don't have anything really exciting to write about this week. But if you tune it to Marlow FM

around 9pm this Sunday night, September 6th, you will be able to hear ME talking about our Day of Jazz at St Piran's School. I hope to be able to play some of the recordings I have made at Hedsor of some of the people coming to play on 26th September. 

No, I wont be taking over the program, Michael Eagleton

has more knowledge of jazz and more CD than I have and certainly doesnt need any help from me. He has done a magnificent job of keeping the jazz flame alive in the local area since the very early 1970's. But I do have some private recordings of the people coming on September 26th that I think you may enjoy a sample listen to. So if you can tune in to 97.5FM if you are within rang, or listen on line via


Please be aware that my email address book has been hacked, so you may be "approached" by various concerns and people wishing to get you to reveal all. As you should know by now it is important to be secure online, so please ensure you have computer security on your various devices, that it is up to date, and that you occasionally scan for nasties. 

Even so things do get through. TalkTalk have had a security breach via The Carphone Warehouse. They "were subject to a sophisticated and coordinated cyberattack, along with a number of similar sites". If you haven't changed your passwords recently, than I would advise you to do so.

I will be using my Tiscali email address a lot less often in the future!!

On that "happy" note, I will say TTFN and urge you to get you tickets for the St Piran's day very soon. It is now only 3 weeks away!! 

I now need to learn how to sleep at nights!

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