Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Hedsor and All that Jazz

or maybe this week it should be "Swing that Music", as in an effort to raise awareness of "our" school day on September 26th at St Pirans, I was invited to say a few words about it on Michael Eagleton's Sunday evening Marlow FM program of that name.

If you didnt get to hear me (and the music I played) live, you can still catch up by going to :-

Aint science wonderful!

Marlow, but NOT FM!

As The Hedsor Jazz Day at St Pirans is very much a preoccupation of mine at the moment, you may be interested to know that I have got a piece about it on Sebastian Scotney's "London Jazz News". Have a look at :-

It is letting people know about "our" event that is the real key. Do let friends and family know about it. We need to sell the day hard now, with only 17 days to go we do need to sell more tickets.

Our regular Thursday evening session at Hedsor this week will have a couple of changes to the personnel. On drums we will be Mike Jeffries, and on keyboard Ken McCarthy.

Today's blog is a short one, the admin of the St Pirans day is taking up most of my spare time (what spare time?). No matter how long ago you start planning an event, it is ALWAYS the last few days that become the busiest, so this will be it for now.


Geoff C

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All the very best with this Geoff, sounds as if you have put a lot of hard work into this!