Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hedsor Jazz only has a short time now before it goes to school!!

Our day of jazz at St Piran's School in Maidenhead is getting ever nearer. Slowly more people are becoming aware of the significance of the event. In the next two issues of The Maidenhead Advertiser we will have 1/4 page adverts for the day. Do ensure that you do not miss it. I still have a few tickets left, and there will be more available now on the door on the day.

We do still have 2 more Thursdays to go before Saturday 26th. And I do believe that this week, we have a completely current "Clive Burton Quintet" to play for us at Hedsor.

It IS a super band. Recently we have had other musicians in the audience who have come just to hear "our" band. 

One wrote recently:- 

Hi Geoff,

I enjoyed the music at Hedsor again on Thursday.  Great band ....

So don't forget, you can get 2 hours of great jazz every Thursday at Hedsor for just £6. 

CD Listened to this week

It is one that has been in my collection for some years, but due to the need to rest my eyes after a minor investigation, I pulled out a compilation disk of MP3 recordings to listen via my laptop.

"Soulmates" is the title of an album first produced in 1994 by drummer Butch Miles and guitarist Howard Alden. It is on the nagel heyer label (LC02932) and is a real cracker! It was recorded live (you know what I mean, there was an audience there!) in Hamburg. It swings, it fizzes and is an all together great jazz album. Tunes include "Lady Be Good", "Azalea", and "Tickle Toe". And the lineup? In addition to the two "Soulmates" already mentioned above there is Randy Sandke on trumpet, Harry Allen on tenor sax and Frank Tate on bass. They generate enough energy to sound very like the Count Basie band. It is still available for under £9 as it was reissued in 2002!!

However Great Jazz will always need an audience, or there wont be any!!

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