Monday, May 01, 2017


So it will be short and hopefully informative even if not entertaining!! (Yes, I have had criticism!).

This coming Thursday in the place of Mike Wills, who at the moment is unable to drive over from Oxford due to a health issue, we have a return visit from a very fine saxophonist and flautist, Kelvin Christiane. 
Kelvin at Hedsor last year

The rhythm section should be our standard line up (referred to last week by Tracey Mendham as "what a band"). Hopefully Clive will be well enough to be with us, but if he doesn't feel able on the day then we await his replacement with eager anticipation! Obviously his Chemo treatment does sometimes leave him feeling a bit "tired".

This is a good lead into a plug for our Cancer Research Fundraising Show on May 18th. A great night of jazz which I hope will raise a good sum of money for Cancer Research UK. We hope to have with us some of the staff from the CRUK Shop in Maidenhead to assist in your knowledge of their work. The poster is below. A PDF copy of it for you to print can be found in my DropBox folder:-

Do print some off if you have the facility, and place where others can see it.
Tickets are available from me on a Thursday, or from the shop in Cookham.

That's it from me for now, enjoy your holiday from the banks!

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