Monday, May 22, 2017

Jazz Past and Jazz Future

To start this week I must reflect on last Thursdays Cancer Research "Special".

I was surprised that despite having a column in the Bourne End section of the Maidenhead Advertiser, we had a lower attendance than normal for our Buffet functions. I don't understand why. Our guests, Vasilis Xenopoulos and Nigel Price are famous and accomplished jazz musicians, and our regular band are no slouches either. The food was and always is abundant, and definitely it was a gig worth £12. So, I was disappointed with the result. HOWEVER, we can still donate to Cancer Research UK £300.

Those who did come (thank you) had an evening of exceptional jazz. Jazz of the very highest quality. Nigel and Vasilis have played together now for a number of years and have a close understanding of each others work. The result is exceptional music. One of our regular customers, a musician himself, emailed next day to say that after hearing Nigel, he was going to put all his guitars together and set fire to them! Please don't, just keep going. If you aim for the stars you wont get here. But you will fall to earth a lot further on than where you started from!

Thank you to all who helped out on the night. Jan especially for the food, and Michael and Helen for their help on the door and in setting out the tables beforehand. Actually, they help at Hedsor in so many ways they both deserve a medal.

Jazz Future

This coming Thursday (May 25th) we have as our front line guest that melodic young saxophone player Robert Goodhew. Robert has been with us a number of times and is always a good listen.

A guest in the back row this week will be drummer Mike Jeffries. He needs no introduction and is really a part of the regular band, except we cant have two drummers!

We do have another gala night coming up this year, and yes, it will be to celebrate a birthday. BUT IT WONT BE MINE!!

Vibraphonist Alan Grahame is celebrating his significant birthday event with us on July 27th. Put it in your diary now. It will be a very special evening.

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