Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Good Morning Jazz fans,

and Hedsor Jazz fans in particular.

For a variety of reasons, Hedsor Jazz is going through a difficult patch a the moment. As you know Clive Burton, our renowned trombone playing leader is finding it sometimes a bit difficult dealing with the effects and after effects of his cancer treatment. Those who were with us last Thursday will know that Clive made a brave attempt to be his usual self, but at half time had to travel home. He did get home safely, and is slowly beginning to realise that chemo therapy is a bit stronger than he thought!

I thought that the band coped very well with his difficulties, and with any difficulties of their own once he had left them to it in the second set. 

Thanks are especially due to Robert Goodhew on tenor sax and John Coverdale on guitar. It was great to see (and hear) how they all played as though they had been playing together for years. I especially like the way they all insisted on giving John Monney such a run (space?) on his bass guitar for an extended solo! He really did have to cry "enough".

This Thursday, June 1st, we have another very special treat. 

I know we shouldn't, but when you see and hear a musician almost every week you tend to take their talent for granted. For the last few weeks we haven't had the pleasure of our usual reed section, Mike Wills, as he hasn't been able to drive to us from Oxford. This week he is being brought back to us by another superb musician, guitarist Jezz Cook. I'm sure you will all be pleased to welcome them both to Hedsor Jazz this week. For a short period of my promotional career I used to run an evening once a month concentrating on the guitar in jazz. This month we will have had the pleasure of 3 great jazz guitarists in a row. All with a different approach, but all great players. 
Jezz Cook

So do lend your support to Hedsor Jazz. Tell your friends about us. Persuade them to come, and they will be pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the music we put on at the Hedsor Social Club EVERY Thursday

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