Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A short Easter “recovery” blog today. Purely advertising and recapitulation!!

First the advertising bit. 

This Thursday we have with us “our” Lester Brown on trumpet and with him our guest is that lovely saxophonist Duncan Lamont jnr. A well tried and well loved combination of musicians so one to beckon you to come out.

Now the recapitulation!

Yes, last week I played truant! Those of us who have family who live at a distance just have to make the most of the time when they can come and visit, and so it was for me last week. 

BUT to lighten my page this week we have photos from Geoff Swaffield.

Do look back on last weeks blog for some of our future dates. 

May 2nd is a local election day for some of us, but we have Jezz Cook coming with our very own Mike Wills, so Thursday week you can vote for J A Z Z 

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