Tuesday, April 09, 2019

OK, my blog is supposed to be all about jazz! Many times it is all about Hedsor Jazz. But today I must share with you this weeks saga!

On my way to Hedsor on Thursday the turbocharger in my car decided to malfunction such that I only had non turbo engine power. Nice mechanic Ryan came and fixed it for me on Saturday morning. On Saturday lunchtime I broke a tooth from my denture. Difficult to eat until it was repaired, and after a bit of searching I found the very helpful Maidenhead Denture Studio. Monday morning by 9.30 am it was repaired. Excellent service, see the card below.

My mother used to say things always happen in three’s. On return from the denture studio my wife decided to go shopping, whereupon we discovered a very flat rear tyre on her car. Today nice mechanic Ryan came and repaired the puncture.

However I was able to tell him of the third problem! Yesterday evening the grill element of our cooker became “detached”! Our guarantee on the cooker expires on Thursday this week…BUT it will be repaired under guarantee. Phew.

Now for the Jazz.

This Thursday afternoon (April 11th) a private recording session is taking place in Hedsor Club and in the evening we are utilising some of the musicians on that session for YOUR entertainment. So, with Nigel Fox on keyboard and Martin Hart on percussion (posh drums!) we have bass player Andy Crowdy, saxophonist Robert Goodhew and trumpeter Andy Gibson. It should be a good evening of jazz, just so long as that recording goes to plan!!

Last weeks session more than lived up to its promise. What a lovely set of tunes and improvisations from all present, (even if the bass player, depping for Steve Riddle who also had a car problem, initially went to the wrong venue)!!

We did have a surprise guest to play the bass for a couple of the second half tunes, Terry Davis. Close scrutiny lower down the page will reveal that he will be playing for Mark in May.

It was a wonderful session with “our” Lester and saxophonist Mark Aston as the front line. I think everyone went home happy.

I just had to take more than one photo of Marks baritone sax. It was a vintage model from around 1928 (Conn “B”?) and sounded wonderful, a cross between the baritone sound we are used to, and a bass saxophone, which we hardly ever hear played these days.

Mark has recently given up his day job and is able to concentrate more on his jazz life. He now runs a monthly jazz session at Strawberry Hill Golf Club, Wellesley Road TW2 5SD. Take a look at http://buytickets.at/marksmusic

Photos below are from the other Geoff (Swaffield)

Another item of interest came my way this week. When I write and enthuse about something, I use simple language! (No rude or loud comments please). Some magazine reviews however write for people from another planet, or perhaps for people who inhabit a higher plan. Just check out the redacted article from a very well known music magazine. Only performers names have been removed!

Just to remind you, simple, pleasurable, tuneful, JAZZ can be heard every Thursday at Hedsor Jazz. Have I hit that square? Or is it just me that is!

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