Tuesday, July 30, 2019

At HEDSOR JAZZ this week we have our summer special.

Sarah Moule vocal, Simon Wallace keyboard, Dave Bitteli sax, Thomas Pederson bass, Martin Hart drums bring you “The Genius of Duke Ellington”.

The 8pm start this week leaves us space for a light buffet at half time. The buffet is a kind of self service effort. If you bring a plate of buffet food, you can share with others a plate of buffet food! Yes another sharing opportunity. All you have to do on top of that is park for free and gain entry with a £10 note!

The pictures below are from last weeks gig with Sue Greenway on reeds and Lester Brown on trumpet, with Ken McCarthy keyboard, Trevor Evans on bass, and Martin Hart on drums. It was the hottest day in years outside, but inside the Hedsor Club, it was wonderfully air conditioned. It was lovely melodic jazz as well. Sue does a lot of work with bands playing tunes from the 30’s and 40’s, and indeed so does Lester. I did hear one musician say when a more traditional tune was called (and the chords shared) “I don’t normally play trad”. Playing old tunes doesn't necessarily mean they have to be played a la British trad complete with banjo, and that same musician made a fine job especially during his solo! Don’t forget that many bop tunes were based on the chord structure of older tunes, that’s older than 1950 something!

For anyone who missed it, or for those who would like to hear it again, see my Dropbox link for a glorious mono recording of both sets!


Having given you lots to read over the past 10 days, today I have made it shorter, easier for you, and today FOR ME too!

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