Tuesday, August 06, 2019

 My blog this week will probably be a little shorter than usual, I am still recovering from some feverish family activity!

BUT, last weeks Hedsor Jazz Special was, well, just special!

Sarah Moule, Simon Wallace, Dave Bitelli, Thomas Pederson and Martin Hart gave us a wonderful insight into “The Genius of Duke Ellington”. It was both entertaining, informative, and the music was beautiful music. The food was absolutely abundant, so thank you to all those who provided a plate to share. Sadly you didn’t all eat enough, and there were leftovers! However it was one of those Hedsor Gigs where everyone left smiling and happy even if after a little snooze time! My photos from the evening are below.

As a matter of interest (well, at least to Martin), 2 of my grandchildren were there, and the youngest (Megan), who had never been to a jazz event before, thought Martin’s drum solo in the first half was “cool”. Really high praise from a 17 year old!

This Thursday we welcome back Duncan Lamont Jnr. Sadly the jazz world lost his father last week and I‘m sure Duncan junior feels it more than anyone else. This last few years Duncan junior has been a real friend to Hedsor Jazz, so our heartfelt sympathy goes out to him. Duncan Senior played Hedsor Jazz a number of times, and was always a delight to listen to and meet. According to “The Telegraph” he passed away just 2 days after playing a gig with Tina May.

With Duncan Junior this week we have (I hope) trumpeter Andy Gibson and bassist Peter Hughes, as well as Martin and Nigel. This is another gig that I may well miss all or part of due to “family circumstances”!

Well, that’s it form me folk, just run the credits….

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