Friday, August 31, 2012


Just to let you know that a very special gig is coming up next Tuesday, September 4th , at Marlow Jazz Club, held in the British Legion Hall, Marlow, just down by the Railway Station.

It will be an assembly of British Jazz Greats, playing off the cuff, which promises to produce some memorable moments. It is NOT as advertised by Mike Eagleton in his monthly newssheet because of a number of unfortunate medical conditions!!

So, on Tuesday look forward to seeing and hearing Peter Cook on saxophones, Ray Wordsworth on trombone, John Coverdale on guitar, Ken McCarthy on keyboard, Steve Riddle on bass and Mike Jeffries on drums.

I hope to get back from visiting Ken Rankine, (now in Dorchester Hospital having broken his femur in a fall, he had it re pinned on Wednesday) in time to enjoy this amazing array of British talent. Don’t miss out. It starts at 8.30, and I think it will cost you around £8 to get in.

If you fancy a sample of Rays Wordsworth's normal working environment visit the following website on:-

Turn on your sound and enjoy the music!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hi Folks,
A few rushed words, as Bank Holiday occupations loom!

Today, if you fancy a bit of jazz in the afternoon, Wooburn Club’s beer festival also hosts jazz from 2 pm in the form of Ken McCArthy on keyboard and Peter Ripper on saxophone, with Steve Riddell Bass and Barry Kirton Drums.

Next Thursday at Hedsor Jazz we have a lovely evening of light sounds coming up! No blower's!! Clive and Mike are away, and in there place on the front line at Hedsor we have John Coverdale on guitar and that internationally renowned vibraphone player Alan Graham. I think they are being backup up by our usual rhythm section, but deps have been known! Anyway, do turn out, pay your £6 and enjoy a lovely melodic evening. I, unfortunately, will not be with you to enjoy such a wonderful prospect, I have an invitation to celebrate a friends Golden Wedding anniversary!

As many of you are aware, the pub just down the road from Hedsor Social Club, The Garibaldi, where the Clive Burton Quintet started out all those years ago, is closed. This has meant much more bar trade for Hedsor Club, which is obviously to there advantage. We, Hedsor Jazz, have been asked to consider if we would mind being permanently installed on Thursdays in the big room at Hedsor. We would not be asked for increased rent, and it would leave the bar free for regular new members. There are things for an against this, but I have said that I would put it to you all to sound out your opinion. Hedsor Club has been our host for over 10 years, and the bar has become our club home, but it would be to Hedsor Clubs advantage if we were prepared to move to the bigger room. Do let John Dutton or Dee Watson know on Thursday what you think.

That's it for now folks,
Geoff C

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I have just been informed by Clive Burton, that our drummer this week is NOT Mike Jeffreys. 

Our dep for Martin Hart on Thursday will be Julian Bown. Julian does some work with the Remix Jazz orchestra, but also plays in a band called "Black and Blue". He is the son of Alan Bown, who had a rock group in the 60's called "The Alan Bown Set". It will be Julian's first time at Hedsor Jazz.

Our regular pianist Nigel Fox is away on holiday (not honeymoon this time!), and we have with us again Ken McCarthy on keyboard. I don't need to tell you anything more about Ken. He is a legend already! Why don't you grab the chance on Thursday to ask him about his musical history. 

A very different shape to our usual Quintet, but one that will be exciting to listen to.  And it is still only going to be £6 entry.

We are so lucky to have such musical talent willing to come and play for us at Hedsor Jazz.

Geoff C
2.20 pm

Tuesday August 21st

 Gillie Potter

Good Morning England!! (once a film and a catch phrase for Gillie Potter I think).

Just time to remind you that this week at Hedsor Jazz we have none other than award winning saxophonist Simon Spillett to keep Clive company in the front line. 

Simon Spillett

Also this week on drums we have a replacement for Martin Hart, as he has gone to Iceland (no, not just for frozen peas, but for a short holiday). In his place we have Mike Jeffries.

A brief retrospective on last week. We were well and truly Tracey d last week. Nice to see a good crowd. I think most people have now recovered from the ear splitting laughs and shrieks!

Clive Burton with Tracey Mendham

I dared Clive to call “Oleo”, and he did! I thought it was the best thing they played all night. I wonder if I dare call it again this week!! I still haven't forgotten the performance Simon gave with Art Theman at Marlow Jazz club earlier in the year. It was played so fast it was done with insolence!!

Don't forget to return to hear Simon with his own quartet on October 4th. We will have John Critchinson on piano, Alex Dankworth on bass and Clark Tracey on drums that night. A real aristocracy of British Jazz.

Until then, come on Thursday and hear the local “Sultans of Swing”, and all for just £6!

TTFN (a catch phrase from ITMA, or are you too young?)

Tommy Handley

Monday, August 06, 2012

August 6th 2012

Morning All,

I have just spoken with the leader of the Clive Burton Quintet, and can now reveal our front line forces for the next 3 Thursdays at Hedsor Jazz!

This week, it is nearly all the usual suspects, with Clive and Mike Wills out front.

Tracey, with Mike Wills and Ken Rankine

On August 16th it is Clive, Mike AND TRACEY MENDHAM. Now that should produce fireworks!

On August 23rd we have Clive, and Simon Spillett in the firing line.

Simon Spillett at Swanage this year

How we can produce such first rate talent at Hedsor for Just £6, I really don't know!! (I do really!!).

Come along to our regular Thursday sessions, which start at 8.30 pm in The Hedsor Social Club and find yourselves live jazz bargains!

Geoff C

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Roy Hole

I had a phone call last night from a friend of Roy Hole. I know we at Hedsor have missed him of late, and the reason is that he is in The Royal Brompton Hospital! He has been there for 3 weeks, due to an infection around his heart pacemaker. They have now operated on him and relocated the pacemaker to the other side of his abdomen, and he is feeling fine, and bored!! He would welcome a phone call, or, by arrangement, a visit. His mobile number (which he is allowed to use in the Brompton) is 0776 0341607

The Brompton is a cardiac centre of excellence, I have experienced their life saving capabilities myself. The National Health Service do, of course, want to close it down!!

Geoff C