Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hi Fans,

A Brief addition to the nagging you have received for the Christmas Season (of goodwill of course!).

There will be a gig on the Thursday between Christmas and New Year at The Hedsor Social Club.

We will be having a session there with Simon Spillett. For those of you who will be unable to count by then, that will be December 28th!!

Many of you will be aware of the campaign against cruel music licensing, and some of you will have already received the following piece of information, but it is well worthy of repeat, and if you have yet to sign the partition, what are you waiting for? Surely not a juggling, poll dancing, politician!!

David Cronin's online licensing/live music petition has about 1,840 signatures and currently stands at no. 21 in the list of 1,182 petitions on the Number 10 website. Not bad for just under a week. However it still lags behind a petition calling on the prime minister to stand on his head and juggle ice cream. Of course, if the prime minister were talented enough to stand on his head and juggle ice cream, and if his performance took place indoors, this would be potentially licensable under the new Licensing Act. The activity would fall within the meaning an 'indoor sporting event' as defined in Schedule 1, para 16(2): '..."Sporting event" means any contest, exhibition or display of any sport, and "sport" includes... (b) any form of physical recreation which is also engaged in for purposes of competition or display'.

The above is courtesy of Hamish Birchall.

Dont forget, this Thursday it will be nosh at Hedsor as well as Jazz, and that Tonight you can join the carol singers in breaking rules with Lynn, Ken and Brad at The Harrow. Now are they performing sport or art? What section should we look up?

If all else fails, I do hope you all have a merry Christmas and a fun new year.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Greetings Jazz Lovers.

Before letting you know more about the (almost) illegal live music, let me bring you my latest info on Mike Wills. By now, he should have had a pace maker fitted, which will keep him ticking over Christmas, and then sometime next year he will be returning to hospital for some further surgery. It is great news that he is now in the comfort of his own home, with friends and family making sure he does as he is told!! And if he's actually reading this, its great to have you back Mike.



The King and Castle in Thames Street, Windsor.
Al Nicholls trio alternates with trombonist Jeff Williams trio on Wednesdays. It’s a free gig, with a slightly odd start time. They play there from 6.30 pm ‘till 9.30 pm.


This Wednesday at The Harrow, Hughenden Valley, from 8.30pm onwards, you can join Lynn Garner, Ken McCarthy and Brad Lang in a selection of seasonal songs, usually accompanied by the local church choir. So, for a bit of seasonal festive fun, just turn up, because its FREE!!


At The Hedsor Social Club, The Clive Burton Quintet, but THIS WEEK, we will be having a few nibbles as a celebration of the season. If anyone feels like donating a few mince pies, sausage rolls etc, just bring and share. As usual, it will be £3 to get in, and a raffle ticket to get out!

Whilst on the subject of The Hedsor club, I have been asked to ask all jazz fans who come, and who have yet to kick the tobacco habit, that it would be appreciated if they could smoke outside of the music area, as many of our fans are put off coming because of the smoky atmosphere that can develop on some occasions. We need every jazz lover to come out to keep this wonderful and unique live venue open, so your understanding in this would be greatly appreciated.

Recorded Music

This week I have both listened and watched! Courtesy of that media DVD I have now experienced some modern Dutch jazz musicians. There are 4 DVD's out of music performed "Live in Amsterdam" ( OK, I know its hard to see a dead performance, but I have come close to it!). I have now watched 2.

The first one is from a young lady saxophonist called Tineke Postma, with a superb quintet of keyboard, bass, drums, guitar, with a couple of track enhanced with the trombone of Iija Reingoud. Its post bop modern, well performed, well filmed and the sound is gorgeous. So if you want something that is a bit different from "Pirates of the Caribbean" in your DVD player this holiday, you could do a lot worse than look for it (I wouldn't bother Smiths though!). Munich Records BMDVD 5001.

The other DVD from the same stable is by a young singer who has gained a PhD in tropical forestry! But she is now sharing the stage with some great jazz musicians. Her name is Heleen van den Hambergh, and no I don't recognise any of the other names, so I wont bother you with them. But they are all very good jazz musicians (piano, bass, drums), and if for no other reason than extending your understanding of continental jazz music I can recommend the two DVD's to anyone. My favourite track of Heleen's is "The Jaguar", all about the cat not the car. Excellent. Again its on Munich Records as BMDDVD 5003.

One thing to amend in your diary, the Jazz Concert for Cancer research schedule for February 10th. This has been amended into a rock style gig, but still in aid of cancer research. So do still go along if you are free. Its all in a good cause.

Artwork of the DVD's will be on the blogg.

Do, all of you, have a splendid Christmas, and I'll look out for you at future gigs. If we struggle, we will keep

Live Jazz Alive

Geoff C
Jazz from Geoff

Thursday, December 14, 2006

New E- Petition re the Music Licencing Regulation Problems

I know some of you will be well aware of the new restrictions on live music following on from last years change of law, and some of you will be aware of this petition. I can only urge all who love live entertainment, especially music and dance, to sign up to the petition by following the link.

This petition has been started by a folk musician, Domonic Cronin!! I have no known connection with this gentleman, but he is obviously an activator. Good luck to him, and please sign up.

Geoff C

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

An abbreviated nag at the moment (Christmas is coming and I haven't done my Christmas Cards yet!) to let you know that the guest for this Thursdays Session at The Hedsor Social Club will be Simon Spillett.

8.30 pm till 11 pm, £3 to get in, a raffle ticket to get out.

I will also bring some very reasonably priced CD's for you to buy as Christmas presents for your Aunty!

Simon will of course be bringing his new CD for you to purchase as well.

News of Mike Wills is encouraging. He is recovering slowly but still has a long way to go. Some form of heart surgery is on the cards, so please continue to keep him and Sam in your thoughts.

More later but for now,


Geoff C

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good December to all our readers. Definitely getting my priorities in the correct order,

News of Mike Wills

Mike has continued to make progress, and is out of intensive care and in to the coronary unit of St. Peters Hospital, Chertsey. He will be having an Angiogram today to establish how damaged his heart is, and what further action needs to be taken. BUT, he is sitting up in bed. At the moment the beverage he desires most is a glass of red wine, but he might have to wait a bit longer before nurse allows it! His tongue still hasn't healed from last Wednesday, and he is struggling to drink high protean drinks at the moment.

Both he and Sam have been overwhelmed by your kindness and supportive response. He has never had so many grown men telling him how much he is loved. Now he knows the level of support he has from all of you guys out there and its blown him away! He will still need your prayers and positive thoughts, as he enters on the next stages of his journey to recovery. So from Mike and Sam a BIG THANK YOU.


Tonight at The Bourne End Community Centre from 8.30 pm onwards Mo and her Centre Jazz are putting on The Dixieland Swing Kings. £4 to get in, which includes a raffle ticket. Don't forget it also includes half time refreshments. A good night out in a comfortable bar with club priced booze.

Wednesday There is now live jazz at The King and Castle in Thames Street, Windsor, with Al Nicholls trio alternating with the trombonist Jeff Williams trio. It starts at the slightly unusual time of 6.30 pm, but it would get you home in time for your bedtime coco as it finishes at 9.30 pm.
6th - Al Nicholls Trio
13th - Al Nicholls Trio
20th Jeff Williams Trio

Thursday, the Hedsor Social Club will have The Clive Burton Quintet, but as yet I don't know who the front line will be. 8.30 pm start. £3 to get in, raffle to get out!

Last weeks session with John Coverdale started off slightly uncertainly due to everyone's distress over Mike, but it developed into a very melodic, and carefully crafted session. Well done chaps.

Sunday The Fifiled Inn still offers food and Jazz on a Sunday night, with Century Jazz, again, due to Mike's absence, I am uncertain of the line-up. 8 pm start, free entry, but please buy a raffle ticket.

Listening at Home

Following on from my mention of Al Nicholls and Jeff Williams above, I've had a listen to there joint CD "Uptown Swing". Those of us who have followed Century Jazz or the Clive Burton Quintet for any length of time will be used to the front line sound of Trombone and Tenor Sax, and this is a good CD of similar sounding music. Slightly more based on the musical repertoire of the Swing Era than Century Jazz's Mulligan modern jazz style, you can hear the sound of trombone and saxophone on tunes like Ellington's "Battle Royal", and the Basie Bands "Blue and Sentimental" or "Corner Pocket" as well as a couple of Al's own compositions. Accompanying the front pairing are Hilary Cameron, a young British pianist who has trained in the Manhattan Music School, bass player with some years of practice John Rees-Jones, and veteran drummer Rex Bennett. Its well worth an audition, so why not contact Al for a copy. Harlem Records HARLCD 006.

I don't want to infer that Al isn't well known , but the other CD I want to refer you too this week is by Louis Armstrong! It comes from the AVID label and is entitled "Blues for Yesterday". In many ways this is an odd coupling together of tracks from the mid to late 40's, mainly with the small group that developed into The Louis Armstrong All-stars. The graphics on the cover would have you believe that its a cheep budged reissue, done to cash in on some old tracks and a name. However it is worthy of much closer scrutiny.It's fully documented for one, and musically wonderful. It contains no less than six tracks from the 1947 "This is Jazz" Broadcast. The line up for that alone is worth the purchase price (as well as Louis there is Wild Bill Davision, George Brunis, Albert Nicholas, Art Hodes, Danny Barker, Pops Foster and Baby Dodds. So overall, the jazz is wonderful. But there is also a great bonus track, which my grandson really enjoyed (he acted it out as a floor show!). From the 1949 Eddie Condon Show we have Louis telling the story of "The Three Little Bears" (Goldilocks to you and me!). Over 12 minutes of pure joy! AVID AMSC 670

Well that's it from me folks, see the blog for the CD artwork

Geoff C