Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's been a while since I last did any CD recommendations, and I certainly haven't exhausted my Humph appreciation, so, by way of an apology for last night, I have set myself the task of remedying this situation.

But first up, I do again apologies for the need to cancel last nights Guitar Jazz gig. If any of you did actually travel to Hedsor, do please contact me and let me know who you are. One of the reasons for such a late cancellation was an exploding amplifier. Even then, three musicians were prepared to come and play, but they were going to bring with them a fourth, who to be honest, would have needed a larger fee than the preceding advertising would have given. He will come again, and I will let everyone know in good time who and when. It will be worth the wait. It would have been a great session last night, but to only have a musician of that stature play to a dozen or so would not have done the him justice. More of that in the Autumn.

Posted out to you all earlier was the gig list for the next 6 weeks. I will put it in the blog for all to see. Just to remind you, Thursday 19th the guest at Hedsor will me Mike Wills. Do come, he has some super arrangements for the band, and his appearance in last weeks session was very enjoyable indeed.

Humph CD's

When thinking of Humph and his music, we have to think of a wide rang of jazz styles, from Dixieland to Swing, to quote a concert title!

A good double album to hear that transition is one of Lake's wonderful re issues, catchily called "Bad Penny Blues". It is also a good value album (but more than 1p) as it is a double for the price of a single CD. It covers the period 1955 to 1956. It also contains some of the tracks that weren't included from the live album of Humph at the Festival Hall. Nearly all of them have Bruce Turner on them, although one was recorded in studio without him because he "got lost"! It has a lovely extended blues recorded in studio but before an invited audience (Blues Excursion) and covers the transition period, which can best be seen when the drummer changed from George Hopkinson in 1955 to Eddie Taylor in 1956. Sandwiched in the middle was a session with Stan Greig on drums. He later rejoined the band, and spent many years with them as the piano player! Anyway, go and find LAKE LACD238. And, yes, it does have "Bad Penny Blues" on it.

Going on one more year and we see Humph as an accompanying band to a singer more used to being backed by Count Basie. In 1957, for "A Night in Oxford Street" Humph and the band were joined by blues singer Jimmy Rushing. Bruce Turner had left the band by then to form his own "Jump Band" and the sax section (yes, now more than one sax) had Tony Coe and Jimmy Skidmore. Eddie Taylor was on Drums still, and Ian Armit on piano. Great stuff this from a blues shouter, with some real favorites, for me anyway, including "I Want a Little Girl", "Sent for You Yesterday", and Jimmy's own "Good Morning Blues". This one is on the Upbeat Label URCD186.

Well that's it for now folks,

Geoff C

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