Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Time flies I used to be told and “they” were right. 

I am already preparing for my annual pilgrimage to Swanage, this year a restricted program, but at least a program of JAZZ!

But of course there are a number of jazz events nearer home. Hedsor Jazz doesn’t stop, and there is always something to talk about in both Hedsor Jazz past and Hedsor Jazz future.

Last week was slightly different. Two front liners who wanted to play almost entirely acoustically. It’s a pity that the mic wasn’t used for many of the announcements, because trumpeter Ian Smith was very witty and amusing. He has lectured on Modern and Renaissance Poetry at universities on both sides of the Atlantic, and his recitation of some of the lyrics of the tunes played was a joy. I just hope all of the audience heard him.

The music was a joy too, much more Swing than bop, with shades of Mainstream and Emmet Berry too. Ian’s companion at the front, Ollie Wilby on tenor sax, obviously liked Ben Webster and often sounded like him too. Two other guests appeared in the rhythm section for this session, our regular keyboard dep Ken McCarthy, and a bass player I hadn’t had the joy of hearing in about 10 years, Thomas Pederson. I think our regular drummer made an impression too! Martin received an email on Friday from Ian:-

Dear Martin
Thanks for last night - great company, lovely people, great music and some COOKING work with drums, cymbals, sticks AND brushes!
Looking forward to seeing you in the autumn, and both Ollie and I really enjoyed ourselves and would love to come back to Hedsor.
All best     Ian

His reference to “Autumn” refers to concert to take place on October 12th at Woodley with Martin. Definitely Jazz Future.

My pics from the night are below

More Jazz Future for Hedsor Jazz, as this Thursday July 4th, we have a return of trumpeter Stuart Henderson and saxophonist “Tolly”. That is going to be another stormer of a jazz evening. All that fun for just £7 too.

I think we are very fortunate at Hedsor Jazz to get such talented musicians to come and entertain us. I have begun to wonder if going to jazz festivals is at all worthwhile. Every week we get a jazz festival style performance at The Hedsor Club.

One event I want you all to pay particular attention to is coming up on August 1st. We have been fortunate to get a set that have been touring London’s premier clubs.

“The Genius of Duke Ellington” brings a friend back to Hedsor that we were introduced to by dear Ken Rankine, singer Sarah Moule (she sings with “The Sound of 17” Big Band that Ken was bass player for). This time she is bringing her husband, the renowned pianist Simon Wallace plus an Italian saxophonist, Dave Bitelli, to sing and play their way through the music of Duke Ellington, helped out by members of our own rhythm section.

This will be one of Hedsor Jazz’s special evenings with an 8.00pm start to accommodate the buffet that we will have at half time. The evening will have an entry fee of £10, and tickets will be available by the end of this week. See the poster below. Please make this concert as widely known as you can.

CD Listened to this week

As a lifelong collector of recorded jazz (a 78 of Sid Phillips Clarinet Marmalade was one of my first) I still look through the charity shops for CD’s. Last weeks swinging session and references to Ben Webster has been topped of by a 99p purchase of Count Basie CD of Standards.

Count Basie’s band could always swing and these tunes often caused me to whistle (in the days when I could), they are memorable tunes! This particular collection (on the Verve Compact Jazz label) doesn’t actually have Ben Webster on it (most of the recordings are from the late 60’s and early 70’s) but some of the luminaries of the Basie band are present, Joe Newman, “Lockjaw” Davis, Urbie Green, Freddie Green, Sonny Payne. What a selection of players he had, and now, they are all staying with me!!  There are probably clones of this  CD out there somewhere, its Verve records 841 197-2. Cover art below

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